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November 09, 2020

May 1983.

The north has just faded the cold, the summer heat is new, the dust in the sun is mixed with the mottled taste of the old era, and it gently falls on a big green willow tree.

The willow tree is next to the road, and the dense branches cover the door of a two-story building at the back. There are two signs hanging at the door: Ancheng Quyi Troupe and Ancheng Quyi Workers Association.

Upstairs is the office area, and downstairs is the lobby. The sounds of string drumboards, babbles, and shocking shots are faintly heard from inside.

"Ma walked off the cliff and fell, and the gentleman immediately looked up and saw the stone man, the stone horse and the stone predecessor, the stone pig and the stone sheep, and the stone suspension bridge.

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