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November 09, 2020

Shen Changan's eyes fell on the stainless steel thermos cup in Director Du's hands. I don't know how long this thermos cup has been used. The gloss of the cup surface looks a bit dim, and there is a layer of brown tea stains on the bottle mouth.

It was not that the tea cup was too attractive to let him stare at it, but that he was afraid that if he turned his gaze a little further, he would see Director Du shining brightly above his head. He didn't want to just come to work on the first day, let the leader think he likes to look at other people's shortcomings: "Thank you director."

Du Zhonghai nodded with a smile, the young man sitting in front of his eyes was handsome, white and black, and a pair of eyes hidden behind frameless glasses had a smile on his eyes, a look that liked girls.

"You first arrived, don't worry too much at work." Du Zhonghai asked a few more words, seeing the young man kept nodding with a smile, so he was content to let him get familiar with the job.

After Shen Changan left, Du Zhonghai sighed. The city is not big, and the people's livelihood service department is called the logistics and retirement department. He didn't understand why Shen Changan, a talented student in a big city, came here to work until He was given a personal profile of Shen Changan above, only to realize that there were so many hidden feelings behind him.

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