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November 24, 2020

As a southern dog, Li Xiao really can't adapt to the dry and cold in the north. In particular, St. Petersburg is known as Venice in the north, and the water channel is full of humidity. Anyway, his thin body was trembling in the cold wind, his teeth were constantly trembling, and the whole person seemed to be electrocuted.

If it was in the past, Li Xiao would not hesitate to find a warm place to bake fire or blow air conditioners, or simply hide in the blanket of an electric blanket as a salted fish. But now, let alone the fire, he can't even avoid the wind.

The reason is very simple. Now he is a guard of the glorious Pleobrazinsky Guard Regiment, whose duty is to guard the Saltkov Gate of the Winter Palace. As a sentinel guarding the gate of the station, as the face of the entire Winter Palace, as a soldier, he was inevitable, because as long as he dared to skip the class or touch the fish, waiting for him would be the severe law of the military court.

As long as the thought of hanging in the cold wind for three or four hours, Li Xiao feels that this day is really impossible, if the heaven gives him another chance, he must not pass through.

Yes, Li Xiao is a glorious Trans-Party, who went to Russia more than a hundred years ago without paying attention, and was attached to an unlucky ghost called Andrei Konstantinovich Romanov. .

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