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October 16, 2020

Yang Chengzhuo stood on the side of the court, with a pair of eyes as the players on the court attacked and defended each other, shuttled back and forth at the ends of the court, and from time to time would walk a few steps toward the group of players wearing school jerseys on the court Making adjustment gestures.

F University is a famous key university in China. The football level was originally very poor. In the inter-university cup, they were all soft persimmons. However, since Yang Cheng led the team two years ago, this team has changed from the past to the weak. The style, won the Inter-School Cup championship for two consecutive years, has become a frightening team powerhouse.

All f university students know that it all depends on him, 23-year-old Yang Cheng!

He is also a student of F University. He was the best player on the school team when he was a freshman, but he left football because of a serious injury. At that time, the head coach of F University resigned because of the downturn of the team. Yang Cheng tried to lead the team, and as a result, his results improved by leaps and bounds, and he was immediately hired by the school.

As a college student, coaching the bottom-ranked underdog, won the championship for two consecutive years, Yang Cheng also won the title of genius coach, but only he knows that he has not the luck of today ’s gains or talent. , But the gains from his hard work.

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