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30 Chapters 1.54K views Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel Author 2020 Year


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November 08, 2020

The black-handed juvenile held the dagger in the other hand. Lisuo’s self-concerned cut off the paw that the beetle was still struggling, and picked up the carapace to reveal the tender meat inside.

There is hardly any hesitation. The black boy is like a crab. He **** the meat out of his claws and then throws it into his mouth together with a large piece of tender meat. He chews it a few times and swallows it directly.

"Hunting black beetles, not getting the soul of the beast, eating black beetle worms, can get 0 to 10 genes randomly."

"Eating black beetle worm, gene +0."

The strange sound sounded in Hansen's mind, and a series of messages also appeared in his mind.

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