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May 03, 2021

   The alarm clock is the last resort, in case he forgets the agreement. In fact, it is his own biological species that is really powerful. He feels that the time is the time. He has never missed it. He has never missed anything blindfolded for a few seconds. Washing his face with cold water and taking another gulp of iced drink, Zhao Mai felt that he had come back from the fantasy world of writing a book. He rests during the day, he codes in the evening, and is a special car driver at night. He sets the alarm clock to prevent him from missing the car appointment. After all, a bad review may make him earn less tips.

  His original name was Zhao Yimai, and acquisition means one-pass single pass. Later, family planning was released, and his parents added a pair of siblings to him, so he was renamed Zhao Mai. The three bedrooms and one living room in his original home couldn't be crowded with so many people, so he rented a house outside to live by himself. Because he couldn't get used to the manager's face full of intestines, Zhao Mai completed the process of graduation, employment and unemployment in less than a year. With a strong nature, he was reluctant to ask his parents for help, so he concealed his own firing of the boss and tried every means to support himself.

  He has a car. As for the model, whether there will be a sponsor after reading the book, after all, no one can say what will become popular and how the advertisement will be placed. There is nothing strange about this car. The four-wheeled sedan was still a late-coming "adult gift" which was saved by his father when he got his driver's license when he was a junior. Parents told Zhao Mai that because of the younger brother and younger sister, they cared less about him unknowingly. However, Zhao Mai is already an adult. According to foreign terms, he is able to support himself. Excessive care will affect his life. Parents who watch foreign TV series give their children a car, and they are no exception. So this car became Zhao Mai's treasure.

   This car will always exist at the end of the book, longer than the magical masterpiece The Lord of the Rings. Since the title of the book is "Sword, Magic and Taxi", is there really no sponsor?

If not, then the name of this car is called "THE·CHE", all letters should be capitalized, which means that this is a proper noun and it is more unique. In case a sponsor decides to support it, the author can also use the full text search Replacement function, convenient, um.

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