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November 09, 2020

Yan Junxun picked up the cold beer and didn't pull it away, but took advantage of the cool air and stuck it to the side of his neck to cool down. His black hair was messy and his skin was quite fair. While listening to Jiang Lian's words, he gently flicked his hair wet with sweat in front of his forehead, and (exposed) his eyes.

His eyelids are very thin, and he has no momentum when he sags, as if (sleeping Shui) just woke up, he was a little distracted.


Yan Junxun looked at the dusty road in the distance and answered Jiang Lian's words like this.

Jiang Li found it difficult to pull. He pulled the leg of his suit and squatted down. He said: "We got support from Fu Chenghui during the arrest of " 虫". The number 01ae86 is the exchange condition. Now the arrest of " 虫" is over. Fu Chenghui wants you to be here The docking area cooperates in handling cases. Have you ever heard of him as a special unit?"

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