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30 Chapters 1.06K views 怕冷的火焰 Author 2020 Year

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May 13, 2021

Three days, three days, watching the owner of the snack bar handed a banknote of one hundred yuan, Du Cheng’s face just showed a hint of helpless smile, did not ask why, after receiving the money, he turned I walked out of the snack bar.

Du Cheng was embarrassed in a car accident. He could have been cured, but because he could not afford the high treatment fee, he became a blind man after a long time.

Just out of the companion shop, Du Cheng saw a red Ferrari sports car parked in front of the door of this dilapidated snack bar.

A young man leaned against the door of the sports car, playing with a very delicate golden lighter in his hand. His eyes were falling on Du Cheng from the companion shop.

The man is not very old, only 21 or 2 years old, handsome and handsome, wearing a set of Versace casual wear, under the Ferrari behind him, showing the temperament of the nobles, especially between the looks The faint arrogance gives a feeling of being above.

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