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October 19, 2020

During a winter of dormancy, Niederhogg did not move, and the frequency of heartbeat and breathing was reduced to the minimum to sustain life. This time is the most dangerous cycle. Whether it is other carnivorous giant dangerous species that does not need to hibernate, or humans who have been stunned by money, reputation and other factors-these are usually regarded as the presence of ants, this time period can easily end the life of the dragon. Through careful and meticulous measures such as carefully disguising the entrance and exit of the nest before each hibernation, and burning the lava wall from the inside to block the entrance curve, the Black Dragon has safely passed every hibernation so far.

   Opened the exit of the nest, with a chill of early spring breeze blowing the dragon's nose, stretching the muscles and bones that have not been active in the sun for a long time. The dust and mist from the scales and the rock dust on the wings are not yet scattered. The huge body has been vacated by the wind of Mana, splitting the mist of dust, Niederhog began to tour his territory, full of heart Looking forward to the first meal of the New Year. The stomach pouch that had been empty for several months was waiting for a daredevil who had broken into the Black Dragon's territory to fall in. Only in this way would the shameful abdominal noise and hunger cease.

  In order not to disturb the prey on the ground and miss the opportunity, Niederhogg is at a high distance from the ground. Even some birds may not be able to reach that height to help stuff the teeth. Creeping ground creatures will only see a blurry little black spot even if they look up at the sky. The dragon's dynamic vision can accurately capture any moving objects on the ground.

  'S proud eyesight quickly searched for similar targets, a cluster of yellow-green lines creeping between the gray broken rocks at the bottom of the valley.

   Jormangund, a neighbor of Niederhogg, is an old slider snake that is more than 164 feet in length and nearly 20% longer than Niederhog. Today, I also twisted my carrion stature to find its sacrifice. When I saw this neighbor who also woke up from hibernation, his strong appetite was beaten without a trace.

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