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April 30, 2021

Early in the morning, a young man in Tsing Yi, sitting crouched on a dry stone in the cemetery, was slowly spitting out with a stamp in his hand.

Withered tombs everywhere in the cemetery, the scenery is desolate, young people are practicing here, and the small figure reveals a sense of depression and loneliness.

"The dantian is nothingness, lack of vitality, and still can't take the breath. Could it be that I, Lin Han, the former prince of the dynasty, is destined to be inactive for a lifetime." After a long while, the boy opened his eyes and checked his body, and couldn't help but sighed. , A look of depression appeared on his small face.

The ancient Li dynasty was founded in the reckless period of ancient times and lasted for thousands of years. The style of cultivation is very heavy. Without strength, it is destined to be mediocre for a lifetime.

He was originally the prince of the dynasty, but due to the broken pubic field and some special reasons, he was relegated to a tomb sweeper.

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