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November 07, 2020

Unicorns is a unicorn, a mysterious creature in the legend. It is often described as a slender white horse with a helix angle in front of the forehead (this is also a feature of the unicorn). There are many different statements about the shape of unicorns. Some say it is like a big horse with a horn on its head, a creature that is difficult to tame. Some people think it is a goat-like creature, a unicorn, a sacred creature, and some people even believe in unicorns. The ancient Roman naturalist Plyss described the unicorns as elephants, lion tails, upper body like goats, and a black spiral on the head. It is a fierce monster. At 380BC, a Greek philosopher Ctessias made a general form of unicorns. He said that unicorns is a wild animal in India with a white body, a purple head, blue eyes, a straight, hard corner, white at the bottom, black in the middle, and red at the top. This may be formed by the formation of a single-horned fairy (the unicorn is also called unicorn).

Modern sayings include the illusions of different localities, from primitive goat-like creatures to pure and beautiful beasts. It can be transformed into different sizes and colors, from ivory white or ebony deep black or even rainbow colors, to escape the hunter's pursuit. Sometimes it is like a flying horse. However, the basic concept of unicorn has not changed, it is noble, arrogant and pure, and of course it has a long angle in front of it. In fact, the different saying is that each local culture is different. It is called Kirin in Japan and China and is one of the "four spirits". "Unicorn" is derived from the Hebrew word "re‘em, the early ancient translation was "monokeros", meaning "unicorn", and later turned into English "unicorn".

The corner of Unicorns has healing power to filter out dust and poisons to prevent poisoning and other diseases and even immortality. Therefore, the European royal aristocracy prevailed in a cup made of a single angle, because the legend can test whether there is poison. The unicorn's horn is regarded as a detoxification treasure in Europe, and it is very effective in treating abdominal pain. It is such that unicorn becomes the target of the hunter. The idea of ​​healing ability may stem from a medieval story. Legend has it that there are many animals surrounding a pool in the middle of the night. But the water is poisonous, they can't drink until a unicorn appears. It gently rubbed the corners of the pool, and the toxic water immediately turned back to clean and clean. The unicorn is a mythical creature in fantasy, but some archaeologists say that the horn of the unicorn is actually the tooth of the narwhal genus "unicorn" in the Arctic sea.

In many Western oil paintings, I have seen pictures of unicorns and girls from time to time. Ancient Roman naturalist Plyss said that "the unicorn is a fierce monster. It is impossible to produce it. And they are quite sensitive. When they find a change, they immediately escape. But the unicorn likes it. Pure and innocent, and very tempted by beautiful girls, so only pure girls can capture it." Hunters usually put a virgin in the wild, the unicorn will approach the girl, and then horn into the girl's belly At this time, the girl can take the opportunity to cut off its corner.


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