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September 22, 2020

Chapter 01: Prelude to passing through

Late at night, in the sky without stars and moon, a fierce wind was roaring, filling up the sky with blown sand. The dark and dense clouds seem to envelop the world. At this time, a shadow was staggering along, bursting in the wildwoods of Yunan frontier. Suddenly this figure seemed to stumble a bit, and fell awkwardly on the ground.

Crackle, a silvery lightning streak across the horizon illuminating the pale complexion of this figure. He was approximately a little over 30 in age. He was bald without even a blade of a grass in his head, but his eyebrows were very thick, and his long and narrow red phoenix eyes were cold and ruthless. There was a long scar from the corner of his eyes slanting to his chin, which somewhat increased a color of cruelty and brutality to his visage.

The figure struggled to climb up as the blood flowed out from the wound of his chest and back. His clothing was already dyed dark red.

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