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October 14, 2020

Five races -

Moon Spirit: The elf girl who dances in the dark, the moon spirit reduces the attack power by 25% during the day, and cannot receive the sun, otherwise it loses 1% of the blood every second. In the moonlight, the attack power of the moon spirit increases by 25%. The racial traits are born in the dark, all for young women. The deputy weapon is a heavy iron umbrella that is born with it. It can form an umbrella shield defense while shielding the sunlight. The moon spirit holding the giant umbrella reduces the damage of magic attacks by more than 30%. Young Yueling girl has a good shape and is the most popular race for female players. She usually chooses swordsman, knight, pot doctor, etc., and limits female players.

Humanity: The ordinary and hardworking Terran on the mainland has strong resilience and unyielding will, racial expertise, and architectural occupations have the advantage of 25% increase in proficiency, 10% increase in strength, and 5% increase in defense.

Wind Elf: The messenger of the wind element, the wind elf is born with a pair of transparent wings, can fly at a height of no more than 100 yards, but once it is hurt by more than 20% of the highest blood, the wings will break and fall, and lose flight for a short time. The ability is often used as a scout scout, racial expertise, shooting accuracy increased by 50%, flight speed increased to 200% of normal speed, mana growth increased by 5%, usually occupations for archers, musketeers, mages, etc.

Barbarian: The human beings who grow wild land have extremely tyrannical power, strong body and strong resistance. These barbarians are equipped with heavy armor and become a moving steel fortress. It is terrible, racial and defensive. %, the strength is increased by 5%, usually chooses the career of Berserker, Knight, Ascetic, etc.

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